The Great Harry Potter Trivia Test

The following is an online version of a Harry Potter quiz over at, an NC-17 Harry Potter fanfic archive. This quiz was initially posted by Grand Poobah on the message boards, but required manual methods to score. This online attempt will help make it easier for Harry Potter fans to take the quiz and see just how well they know their canon.

Any errors in transcribing them to the web are my own. members may contact on the RS boards (username: Night Owl); otherwise, you may e-mail me at the address listed at the bottom of this page.


1. The Dursley's live at 
2. Vernon Dursley sells 

Match the Hogwarts houses with their mascots:
3. Gryffindor
4. Hufflepuff
5. Slytherin
6. Ravenclaw

7. Nymphadora Tonks is 
8. Gilderoy Lockhart's favourite colour is 
9. How many staircases are there at Hogwarts? 

Match the following animals:
10. Scabbers
11. Fluffy
12. Norbert
13. Aragog
14. Pigwidgeon
15. Fawkes
16. Crookshanks
17. Fang

18. Quidditch is played with 
19. How many uses are there for Dragon's blood? 
20. Dumbledore's brother is named 

Match the following shops with the products they sell:
21. Eeylops
22. Flourish and Blotts
23. Ollivander's
24. Madam Malkin's

25. Hermione's Patronus takes what form?
26. The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix is located at 
27. Ollivander's has been making wands since 

Match the following teachers and their subjects:
28. Professor Quirrell
29. Professor McGonagall
30. Professor Flitwick
31. Professor Umbridge
32. Professor Sinistra
33. Profession Lupin
34. Professor Moody
35. Profession Trelawny
36. Rubeus Hagrid
37. Professor Kettleburn
38. Professor Sprout
39. Professor Lockhart
40. Professor Snape
41. Professor Grubbly-Plank
42. Professor Binns

43. The caretaker, Argus Filch, has a cat named 
44. Who was the Minister of Magic before Cornelius Fudge?
45. How many ways are there to commit a foul in Quidditch?
46. Cornelius Fudge's middle name is 

Put the Weasley children in the correct order, oldest first. Use 1 for the eldest, etc.
47. Percy
48. Ginny
49. Bill
50. Ron
51. Fred and George
52. Charlie

Put these people in the correct House:
53. Susan Bones
54. Terry Boot
55. Gregory Goyle
56. Luna Lovegood
57. Ginny Weasley
58. Tom Riddle
59. Euan Abercrombie
60. Dean Thomas
61. Michael Corner
62. Cho Chang
63. Terence Higgs

Match the spells and their actions:
64. Accio
65. Alohomora
66. Colloportus
67. Expelliarmus
68. Protego

69. After he graduated, Oliver Wood went on to play Quidditch for 
70. Sybill Trelawney's middle initial is 
71. To enter the Ministry of Magic from the street, you enter a telephone call box and dial 

Match the following witches and wizards to the department where they work:
72. Gilbert Wimple
73. Madam Edgecombe
74. Arnold Peasegood
75. Barty Crouch
76. Cuthbert Mockridge
77. Ludo Bagman
78. Kingsley Shacklebolt
79. Amelia Susan Bones
80. Arthur Weasley
81. Amos Diggory
82. Madam Umbridge

Put Dumbledore's middle names in the proper order. Use 1 for the first, etc.
83. Brian
84. Percival
85. Wulfric

86. According to Moody's photograph, who wasn't in the original Order of the Phoenix? 

Match the witch/wizard and their wand:
87. Harry
88. Cedric
89. Fleur
90. Viktor

Match the following Animagi:
91. Rita Skeeter
92. Minerva McGonagall
93. James Potter
94. Sirius Black
95. Peter Pettygrew

96. Harry's prophecy is located in row 

Match the Tri-Wizard contestants and their opponents:
97. Harry
98. Cedric
99. Fleur
100. Viktor

Done? Are you sure? Check your answers one more time!

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