The Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia Test

The following is an online version of a Harry Potter quiz over at, an NC-17 Harry Potter fanfic archive. This quiz is the NEWT version of a test posted a couple of years ago by Grand Poobah on the message boards. This test is for hard-core fans, and tests your knowledge on Books 1-6 as well as Magical Creatures and Quidditch through the Ages.

Any errors in transcribing them to the web are my own. members may contact on the RS boards (username: Night Owl); otherwise, you may e-mail me at the address listed at the bottom of this page.


1. According to the Borrowers Bookplate, who has never checked out Quidditch Through the Ages?
2. Gertie Keddle, the witch who provided the first documentation of the origins of Quidditch, lived perpetually on which day of the week?
3. "Bumphing" occurs when
4. Which of these teams is not currently listed as playing for the League Cup?
5. Newt Scamanders (the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) full name is:
6. At the International Confederation of Wizards meeting in 1692, how many magical creatures were selected for hiding from muggles?
7. The skin from what magical beast is prized for moneybags?
8. Who wrote Magical Theory?
9. Who was older?
10. The first sign of magic in the Harry Potter books is
11. After adding Aunt Marge's present, how many packages did Dudley find on the table for his 11th birthday?
12. Dudley is going to what school?
13. Harry's first letter was delivered along with:
14. When the Dursleys left home to escape the onslaught of letters from Hogwarts, they spent the first night at the:
15. Before he found the "right" wand, Ollivander offered Harry several wands. Which of these DIDN'T he offer
16. Who endorsed the Kwikspell method?
17. Which professor explained the history of the Chamber of Secrets?
18. What was the spell that Gilderoy Lockhart used to repair Harry's arm?
19. Harry's wand cost
20. Who did Norbert bite?
21. When he talked to the muggle Prime Minister, Cornelius Fudge told him they were bringing in what for the Tri-Wizard Tournament.
22. Who did the Ministry place in the office of the Prime Minister?
23. What happened to Herbert Chorley?
24. Who made the wine that Severus Snape served to Narcissa and Bellatrix?
25. Dumbledore's favorite flavor of jam is
26. When we first meet him, Horace Slughorn is impersonating a
27. Harry and Dudley were attacked by Dementors in an alleyway between
28. In our introduction to a WWW transforming wand, it turns into a
29. Ireland defeated which team to advance to the Quidditch World Cup finals
30. The boy who used his father's wand to engorge slugs was named
31. Archie was wearing
32. The Irish side includes
33. The Bulgarian side includes
34. Who scored the first goal at the Quidditch World Cup?
35. Who was the Bulgarian keeper?

We all know the major characters and which house they represent, but what about the other people? Put each of these characters into the proper house.
36. Graham Pritchard
37. Kevin Whitby
38. Orla Quirke
39. Laura Madley
40. Mandy Brocklehurst
41. Terry Boot
42. Justin Fitch-Fletchley
43. Terrance Hicks

Okay, a few easy ones, just for fun. Match the people and their names
44. Sirius Black
45. Peter Pettigrew
46. Remus Lupin
47. James Potter
48. Tom Riddle's middle name is

Match the character and their relationship to Tom Riddle
49. Marvolo
50. Morfin
51. Merope

Which of these potions were included in Horace Slughorn's lessons to his 6th year class?
52. Veritaserum
53. Polyjuice
54. Amortentia
55. Strengthening Solution
56. Dancing Draught
57. Felix Felicis
58. Procortia
59. Antherium

60. According to Hagrid, he's allergic to what animal?
61. When Professor McGonagall took Harry to meet Oliver Wood, which class was he in?
62. Harry was helping himself to when Professor Quirrell came into the Great Hall to announce there was a troll in the dungeon.
63. Which of these has never been the password to enter the Gryffindor House common room.
64. The final score in Harry Potter's first Quidditch Match was?
65. At Christmas Dinner in Harry's first year, Dumbledore wore?
66. To reach the Philosopher's Stone (or Sorcerer's Stone) Hermione had to select the proper bottle for Harry to drink. How many of them held poison?
67. Which bottle did Hermione drink to return to Ron and summon Dumbledore?
68. In order to allow Hermione time to steal the ingredients for brewing Polyjuice Potion, Harry tossed a Filibuster fireworks into whose cauldron?

Horace Slughorn says he helped all these people find the positions they now hold. Match the person and their occupation.
69. Dirk Cresswell
70. Barnabus Cuffe
71. Ambrosius Flume
72. Gwenog Jones

73. Harry Potter received what grade in Astronomy on his OWLs?
74. Who went to summon Morfin to his hearing?
75. The new players Harry added to the Gryffindor Quidditch team included:
76. Who was with Katie Bell when she touched the necklace that cursed her?
77. Who had the chicken pox when Dumbledore first visited Tom Riddle at the orphanage?
78. Mrs. Cole likes to drink:

Identify the two orphans who may (or may not) have gone into the cave with Tom Riddle. (T/F)
79. Amy Benson
80. Eric Whalley
81. Billy Stubbs
82. Dennis Bishop
83. Hannah Abbot
84. Martha

85. The Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee has its offices on what level?
86. The Pest Advisory Bureau is located on what level?
87. Horace Slughorn used what kind of blood to convince Dumbledore he had been assaulted:
88. When Harry encountered Sybill Trelawney on his way to his first "lesson" with Dumbledore, she was reading the future using a pack of playing cards. Which of these cards did she not see?
89. When Harry and Dumbledore dropped into Bob Ogden's memory, the road signs said...
90. When we first met Tom Riddle Sr, he was with
91. Cormac McLaggen missed Quidditch tryouts in Harry's fifth year because...
92. In the first Quidditch match of Harry's sixth year Slytherin was missing Malfoy and
93. Who was missing from Hogwarts at the beginning of Harry's sixth year?
94. Who wrote Blood Brothers: My Life Amongst the Vampires?
95. Who had the "furry little problem?"

Done? Are you sure? Check your answers one more time!

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