Seven Days

By Nox


Overview: H/Hr, R/Lu. Romance/Humour. Hogwarts, 7th Year. Ron gives Harry seven days to fess up his attraction to Hermione before Ron does it for him. (Challenge)

Rating: PG-13

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Day 4

"Harry? Wake up!"

There are certain days when being woken up by anyone is really annoying. After a hangover, for instance. Or after only a few hours of sleep. Or, in Harry's case, during some deliciously inappropriate dreams about one's best friend — and not the red-headed one.

Unfortunately for Harry, the voice was the first yank towards consciousness — not quite the whole way, but enough that he was just barely aware that he was no longer fully seated in dreamland. He fought to keep a slippery grasp onto that dreamlike state.

He could vaguely sense the presence of someone seating themselves next to him at his bedside. The damned urging voice, taking him away from his dream.

"Harry, you're going to miss breakfast. Wake up already!"

A warm hand shook his shoulder and he was dragged a little closer to consciousness. Dammit!

"Go 'way, Ron," Harry rasped, swatting his arm in the general direction of the voice.

Thinking that should make his intentions clear, Harry dropped his arm limply back to the bed. Only when it came down, his palm slapped against something — it wasn't cloth. No, it felt rounded; smooth; soft. It felt nice. What was it?

With his eyes still closed and only half-awake, his fingers gingerly probed around and determined there was more in the general vicinity. He was beginning to slide his palm up when a gasp sounded and a hand closed firmly around his wrist. It was accompanied by a very familiar voice — the same voice in the dream that was all but gone now.


Harry's eyes flew open, full consciousness flooding in. That was Hermione! In the flesh! Breathing in deeply, he caught a familiar floral scent that he knew was hers and sat up suddenly.

For the rest of the day, Harry debated whether or not that was such a good idea. Why? Because this action brought him to within inches of Hermione's surprised face. He blinked away sleep as her blurry features came mostly into focus. He then followed her gaze downwards to where she was holding his hand firm. What he saw made saucers of his eyes and brought a heat to his cheeks that made him want to crawl back under the sheets and hide for the rest of the day.

His hand on Hermione's knee. Actually, it was more like an inch or two above her knee — that was the soft, rounded, smooth thing he felt a moment ago. It was her thigh that he was beginning to slide his hand up when she stopped him. Even now, his fingertips here hidden under the hem of her skirt; the sight roused several vivid reminders of the dream he just finished.

"Erm, Harry, it's customary to ask a girl out and buy her dinner before getting to do that."

Harry snatched his hand away, averting his eyes. The heat from his cheeks spread down his neck.

"Merlin, Hermione, I swear I didn't know— I would never— I mean—" he babbled.

"It's okay, Harry," said Hermione, patting his hand. "You were still half-asleep."

He flinched slightly at the contact. At least she doesn't sound mad. Thank you, thank you.

For the second time in as many days there was another awkward silence between them that wasn't caused by Ron. Harry was far too embarrassed to look at her, mostly due to the fact that he enjoyed the accidental feel more than he should have.

"Well, you should get up. Breakfast will be over soon," she said to break the silence. "I'll wait for you in the Common Room."

Hermione was up and halfway to the door when Harry finally found his voice.


"Yes?" she said, stopping.

"I'm sorry about that, I really am."

She flashed him a wry, lopsided smile that sent small flutters into Harry's already growling stomach. "Don't worry about it."

"Well, I don't know about dinner, but . . . d'you want to go with me to Hogsmeade tomorrow? I'll buy you lunch," Harry found himself asking before he was even aware that he wanted to ask. "It's our last visit this year. Actually, our last visit ever, from Hogwarts."

Hermione blinked at him, then gave him a warm smile. The flutters and growling increased in his stomach. "Sure. Now get dressed. I can hear your stomach from here. It's starting to sound like Ron."

Harry laughed and waved Hermione out of the dorm room. And as he gathered what he needed for a shower (a cold one, given his interrupted dreams), he fought hard to keep a grin from fixing itself to his face. Sure, he still hadn't confessed his feelings, but hey— a date with his crush wasn't bad.


Down in the Great Hall, Ginny was regaling Harry's buttocks comments to Ron and Luna over breakfast. Ron nearly choked on his eggs while Luna's laughter drew curious looks from nearby breakfasters.

"That was brilliant!" said Ron once he could speak again. "What did Hermione say?"

"Nothing. She was red in the face until I left them alone," Ginny grinned. "I told her not to worry, since loads of girls would love to be that close to Harry's buttocks."

"He does have nice buttocks," said Luna in a dreamy, off-handed manner.

"Yes, he does," Ginny sighed reminiscently. "I wanted to squeeze them all the time and—"

"Because they were terribly firm?" asked Luna.

"Of course! I remember when—"

Ron started looking a little uncomfortable as his sister and girlfriend discussed his best friend's backside. It didn't help that both girls had gone out with Harry in the past.

"I think you were lucky, Ginny. I didn't get to enjoy them very much," Luna was saying.

"Hey! I'm right here, you know!" Ron objected. "Can we talk about something else?"

"Wait, you got to enjoy them at all?" said Ginny, ignoring her brother's discomfort.

"Just once or twice, near the end."

"Still more than most," said Ginny with a grin. "Luckily, I got to—"

"All right! No more talking about Harry's buttocks!" growled Ron, glaring at both girls.

"Ronald has nice buttocks, too," said Luna, calmly changing gears. Ron flushed lightly at the compliment. "He doesn't mind when I—"

"Okay, I'm going to stop you right there," said Ginny hastily. "I'm not about to talk about Ron's buttocks."

"Do you think it's a Quidditch player thing?" mused Luna. "I'd imagine all that flying and broom-handling, that the buttocks get rather well worked on."

"We could 'test' our theory on some other Quidditch players...." said Ginny with a look in her eye that Ron recognized all too well. To his dismay, Luna also looked interested.

"No," Ron said firmly.

Luna's shoulders fell slightly in disappointment. Ron relaxed, but Luna's next comment had him tensing up again. And, given Luna's uncanny ability for vocalizing thoughts best kept quiet, he could only brace himself for the unknown.

"Do you think it's the same is for girl Quidditch players?" Luna asked.

"I don't know. Why don't you ask Ron about that? He likes looking at their backsides," said Ginny, flashing Ron a smirk.

"I do not!" protested Ron.

"Ah, right. You just like looking down their shirts when they bend over," laughed Ginny.

"Is that true?" said Luna, her large eyes blinking at Ron. "Should I leave my blouse a little more undone?" As she said this, she brought her fingers to her topmost buttons, fingering the first one.

"No! No, that's not, er, necessary," said Ron in strangled tones as she caught Luna's hands and gently put them back onto the table. He shot Ginny a dark look as she snickered at him.

"Oh, all right." Luna gave him a warm smile, making Ron flush. Then, returning to the original conversation, "But I'm still curious about Quidditch effects on female players. Wait . . . Ginny, you play Quidditch. Perhaps I could feel your—"

Ron was squarely back in uncomfortable territory when he spotted Harry and Hermione walking towards them from the Great Hall entrance. "Oh, thank Merlin for small miracles . . . ." he muttered as he waved his best friends over.

Hermione seemed particularly buoyant, and Harry looked faintly embarrassed about something, when they arrived. Ron was smiling at their arrival, since it interrupted Luna and Ginny's conversation about Quidditch players' buttocks; but when Hermione's sunny face turned into a scowl, he found himself facing an angry friend.

"You!" barked Hermione, dropping her laden bookbag onto the table and pointing an imperious finger at Ron. "Outside! You and I are going to have an abrupt conversation."

Ron looked flabbergasted and stumbled along when Hermione grabbed one sleeve, yanked him to his feet and frog-marched him to the main entrance. "Wait, what did I do?" he protested.

At the table, Ginny had a hand over her mouth, trying to keep her giggling from bursting out into all-out laughter. Harry stared at their retreating forms, caught by surprise at Hermione's rather unexpected reaction. Luna merely blinked serenely, then went back to her breakfast.

"What was that about?" asked Harry a moment later, ladling some food onto his plate.

"Maybe Hermione wanted a snog and thought it'd look less suspicious if she was mad," Ginny said casually. With a discreet look, she smiled to herself as Harry paused mid-air with his goblet of pumpkin juice.

"I'd imagine Ronald made some inappropriate remarks yesterday and upset Hermione," said an unruffled Luna. "He doesn't always realize it when he does."

"Yes, you're probably right," said Harry who was beginning to look a little doubtful. "Besides, Ron's dating Luna. Hermione wouldn't do something like that."

"So, what were you and Hermione talking about?" asked Ginny. "You two looked rather . . . happy about something."

Harry shifted nervously in his seat and summoned his calmest sounding voice. "Nothing, really. Just talking about Hogsmeade tomorrow."

"So, are you going with anyone?" said Ginny with a teasing tone.

"Just– just Hermione." That didn't sound nervous at all. Nope.

"Just Hermione, eh? You know, it's supposed to be a weekend to relax, not study even more. Why not bring someone else? Plenty of your fans right here in Hogwarts who'd love a drink with you. Maybe a little more? You know, like our visits earlier this year?" Ginny managed to sound innocent, all the while thinking, If teasing Harry like this was any more fun, it'd be illegal.

Just the thought of their snogfests when they were going out had Harry looking a little flushed. It was then that Luna decided to spare poor Harry.

"Harry, we know about Hermione," she said gently. "We also know about Ron's plans."

Ginny gave Luna a small pout. "Luna! You weren't supposed to tell him! How are we supposed to have fun now?"

Harry, meanwhile, was looking aghast that, of all people, these two would know about his now not-so-secret crush on his best friend. "Well, that was predictable of him," he muttered, looking a little put out.

"Oh, come on, Harry, who better to help you get the girl?" Ginny grinned.

"Yes, who better than my two ex-girlfriends?"

"Well, if it can't be one of us, at least it's someone we approve of, and not one of your fangirls," said Ginny. "Besides, we think she'd be an excellent addition to the Harry Potter Snog Society."

At that, Harry did begin to choke on his pumpkin juice, and began coughing to clear his throat. Luna helpfully slapped his back.

"The what?" he gasped.

"The Harry Potter Snog Society," Ginny repeated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "It's very exclusive. Only three members so far."

"Those being?"

"Me and Luna, of course."


"Cho Chang," supplied Luna.

"Ah, of course," Harry reached for a napkin and was wiping down his pumpkin juice accident when he gave Ginny a strange look. "I can't believe you actually gave a name to girls I've snogged."

"Well, it's better than the Girls Who Have Kissed Harry Potter Club, which is less prestigious," she began. "Mind you, it's still a step up from the regular Harry Potter Fan Club. The kissing club has people like my mum, Fleur—"

"Hermione," Luna added.

"Yes, Hermione," said Ginny, "And that fourth year who caught you under mistletoe this past Christmas and kissed your nose."

Harry just stared at Ginny and Luna, giving them looks for astonishment. He had never really catalogued a list of girls who he had kissed, or had kissed him, so it was really rather a shock to realize that other people had.

"She was very popular for a little while in Ravenclaw," said Luna, "because nobody else managed to catch you under mistletoe."

"So, you see, if anybody from that group deserves a promotion to the Harry Potter Snog Society, it's Hermione," said Ginny. "Because if you say my mum, I'm going to be returning my breakfast onto your lap."

Harry just shook his head and went about eating his breakfast. Maybe if I just pretend none of this is happening, it'll all go away. But, Ginny being Ginny, that wasn't going to happen.

"Anyway, I've got some tips for you, so listen up . . . ."

Ginny didn't get far in her advice for Harry when Hermione returned . . . without Ron, it seemed. His absence didn't go unnoticed.

"Where's Ron?" asked Harry.

"He said he forgot his Charms homework in your dorm," replied Hermione in an airy manner.

"I knew I forgot something!" Harry exclaimed as he scrambled off the bench. "I better go get it. I'll see you in Charms!" he called out to Hermione.

Back at her seat, Hermione was calmly stacking some toast to bring to class, seeing as she spent most of the scant minutes of breakfast dressing down Ron. "Well, I'll get to class early at least," she said. "I'll see you later." Then, pausing for a moment with a smirk forming on her lips, she leaned down to Ginny.

"By the way, I got some proof this morning disproving your theory," Hermione told Ginny.

Ginny laughed softly at Luna's puzzlement; she hadn't told Luna what she told Hermione yesterday. "How's that?" she asked as she took a sip of her tea.

"Oh, he tried to feel me up this morning when I went to wake him up," Hermione dropped casually. And with that, she began walking to the entranceway.

Unfortunately for Luna, Ginny coughed and sprayed tea all over her at the sheer unexpectedness of this announcement. By the time her lungs forgave her for trying to drown herself, Hermione was gone. "She— she's joking, surely," she said faintly.

Luna calmly waved her wand and spoke the incantation to clean up the mess Ginny made. "Why?" she asked. "It wouldn't be the first time Harry did that to a girl he liked." She looked at Ginny significantly.

Ginny had the grace not to look too embarrassed at the reminder. "But it's Hermione! I mean, he can't even say that he fancies her! No, she's just getting me back for yesterday. . . ."


Charms was as chaotic as it normally was. Given that exams were close by, their lessons consisted largely of review of material from their entire time at Hogwarts, along with copious amounts of time for practice. Diminutive Professor Flitwick walked (or floated) around the classroom, assisting students with pronunciation and gestures for some of the more difficult spells.

One corner he didn't need to visit much was the Gryffindor section of class. Having girded themselves for their NEWTs with Hermione's grilling the past week, they were better prepared than some of the other Houses.

This, of course, meant that their attention wandered from their spellwork and theory.

"Dean, what in Merlin's name is that?" Ron pointed to one of those crazy non-moving Muggle pictures that was spell-o-taped inside one of Dean's notebooks.

"Oh, they're my girls," he grinned. Seeing Ron's uncomprehending looks, he clarified. "They're the Spice Girls. Muggle band, they've been on the radio a lot."

"Ray dee oh?" said Ron, feeling the unfamiliar word out. "Oh! I think dad has one of those. Are those the things that do moving pictures for Muggles?"

"Nah, that's television. Radio is the wireless network for Muggles."

"Ahh. So, those girls are on the r-radio?" He looked at the picture sideways.

"Yeah, everyone's supposed to have their favourite one. I like this one," said Dean, tapping the picture.

"That's a band?" said Ron, looking at the picture dubiously. "They look more like. . . I dunno, a bunch of slags you'd find in a bad section of Knockturn Alley. You know, if you want to pay for . . . ." He made a suggestive gesture with his hands.

"Well, Ron, if that's what you want, what you really, really want. . . ." said Dean with a grin.

Ron just looked at Dean as if he asked to borrow a tutu. Seamus, Harry and Hermione, who were Muggle-raised to various degrees, and therefore got the reference, groaned in unison.

Ron looked at all of them, perplexed. "What?"

"Forget it, Ron, Muggle joke," said Harry, shaking his head.

Dean continued to bombard his fellow Muggle-raised Housemates with Spice Girls quotes until Harry reminded him that he'd have to sleep at some point and that they did share quarters. Under threat of nocturnal payback, Dean went back to flipping through his notes with a smirk.

With fifteen minutes left in the class, Hermione was called out by some Hufflepuff classmate for help while Professor Flitwick helped another student with Banishment Charms. Ron took the opportunity to lean over to Harry to have a quiet conversation over the noise.

"So?" he asked Harry.

"So. . . what?"

Rolling his eyes, Ron nodded his head to Hermione's back.

Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, Harry cleared his throat and delayed an answer. "AskedhertoHogsmeadethismorning."


"I said, I asked her to Hogsmeade this morning," Harry enunciated with a growl.

"That's it?"

Harry glared at Ron who, predictably, was giving him poorly concealed grin. "This is hard enough without you, you know."

"Yeah, I know, but it's for your own good. And, I'm having fun."

There are days when I wish I never met any of the Weasleys, Harry thought to himself.


The rest of the day passed uneventfully, aside from the occasional ribbing from Ron and Ginny. Luna tried to be helpful, in her way, though Harry wasn't entirely sure he wanted her help. He recalled a mid-afternoon conversation as they strolled along the hallways to the Great Hall for afternoon tea.

"Harry, I know you're nervous, but you I don't think you should be. I think it will all work out very well," said Luna

"Well, nervousness doesn't work like that, Luna, but thanks," replied Harry with a wry smile.

"Would it help if I cheered you on? I could get my lion hat."

A scene flashed in his head: an intimate moment with Hermione, with the words he wanted to say on his lips. Then, a hatted Luna showing up, roaring and waving a Gryffindor banner while Ron and Ginny snickered in the background.

Harry shook his head from the surreal thought.

"Daydreaming again?"

That most unwelcome voice — Ron's — broke into Harry's consciousness. Sighing, he turned to his best friend, who plopped down onto the couch next to him. "I was trying to forget something, for your information."

"Yeah, sure," laughed Ron.

"Aren't you late for a snogging appointment?" asked Harry pointedly.

Ron glanced over to a mantle clock and leaped to his feet. "Hey, you're right! You've got rounds this evening, too. Ha!"

A thought came to Harry and, with smug look, he called out. "Hey, Ron!"

"Yeah?" Ron looked over his shoulder.

"When you're snogging Luna tonight, just remember — you're snogging those lips which have been on my lips."

Ron stood there as he absorbed what Harry just said. Harry smirked at Ron as his best friend's eyes widened in realization. Speechless, Ron just stood there, jaw dropped.

Then, just to rub it in, Harry made kissy faces at Ron and tapped his watch.

"That was mean," Ginny's laughing voice came from behind Harry as they watched Ron stumble out of the Common Room looking pole-axed.

"He's been rubbing in his stupid deadline a lot. Can't let him get away with it."

"Of course not."

"He's right, though. I have rounds to do, so I guess I should round up whichever Prefects are on duty tonight." As he collected his books, he was still distracted by thoughts that had nothing to do with homework or rounds. It was all about Hogsmeade. And Hermione.

Ginny could guess Harry's distracted state.

"Say, Harry?" said Ginny just as Harry turned to leave.


"If you want to impress Hermione tomorrow, just remember its 'a dog-eat-dog world', not 'a doggy-dog world'."

Harry blinked at the Bludger-out-of-nowhere advice Ginny just gave. "Really?"

"Yep," Ginny nodded gravely. "If Sirius were alive, he'd agree."

Frowning, Harry said, "Wait, so all those times I've been saying 'doggy-dog world', I was wrong? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought it was funny," she grinned.

"I feel stupid!" protested Harry.

"Bonus!" cried Ginny all too cheerfully for Harry's liking.

Grumbling, Harry left to go do his evening rounds to the sound of a giggling Ginny behind him.


Sleep was proving difficult to find that night. Not only was it his anticipated Hogsmeade weekend with Hermione, but Dean's mentioning of the Spice Girls got their songs stuck in his head, as only overplayed pop songs are wont to do.

Thankfully, Ron was already asleep, so Harry was spared the daily countdown and evening commentary. But to Harry's dismay, his mind supplied the words in Ron's voice anyway:

Four down, three to go.

As he followed the rest of his roommates into slumber, he tried to think positive thoughts about his plans for tomorrow.

Candle light and soul forever,
A dream of you and me together,
Say you believe it, say you believe it
Free your mind of doubt and danger,
Be for real, don't be a stranger
We can achieve it, we can achieve it